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Virtual Training & Operations Support

Cutting-edge software solutions for high-engagement pilot and maintainer training

We provide OEMs, simulator manufacturers and training organizations with advanced software solutions for the training of pilots and maintenance technicians. Our team of specialized engineers enables you to design, build and operate state-of-the-art synthetic training systems for both civilian and defense applications.

If you need to deliver first-rate classroom and simulator-based training for complex missions, you can leverage the combined expertise of PACE and TXT NEXT in the latest training methodologies and the provision of innovative software solutions. As seasoned process and technology advisors we understand your training challenges and are able to create tailor-made solution packages aligning advanced systems to your key value drivers.

Drawing on more than three decades of industry experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry, its educational requirements and regulatory constraints. A strong engineering background and our continuing investment in innovation enable us to always apply the latest, most advanced technologies. Our first commitment is to finding the most effective solution for you to achieve your goals and to deliver the optimum training experience to your customers.

End-to-end support from requirements to certification
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Requirements analysis & consulting

Finding the optimum solution for your educational objectives

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Training content for pilots & maintainers

From desktop CBT to immersive VR and AR environments

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Pacelab WEAVR toolbox

Streamlines the design & development of training systems

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Software development for training systems

With proven methodologies and proprietary development tools

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Certification support & automated testing

Providing expert services and purpose-built software tools

Virtual training software for flight & maintenance crews

Replacing live training with a high-quality virtual solution minimizes cost and safety risks and gives you full control of the training setting. Using an efficient building-block approach, our training and simulation experts can quickly create a customized training system that not only reflects your educational strategy and business model but also ensures you are able to make the most of any existing training material.

Rich multimedia contents and a 3D game engine create engaging, state-of-the-art learning experiences that help students assimilate and retain new information more easily. The modular architecture of our training software solutions means they can be easily updated or extended to accommodate changing training requirements.


    • Reduced need for expensive instructor-led live sessions
    • Made to specification according to your educational and business needs
    • Training contents accessible on PC and portable / wearable devices
    • Quick, consistent release of new or changed training material
    • On-demand and interactive training fit for millennials

    Smart assisted procedures for maintenance technicians

    Running on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones or smart glasses, our custom AR field assistants are always close at hand to provide a refresher on individual steps of an aircraft maintenance procedure, using text-based instructions, floating annotations and multimedia overlays such as images, 3D animations, video and sound. If required, they also put technicians in touch with remote subject matter experts directly from the field using live AV streaming, exchanging audio and video information for a productive and efficient resolution of complex and critical problems.


    • Minimized risk of human factor related errors
    • Up-to-date information and operational support at all times
    • Fast propagation of changes to all involved technical personnel
    • Fast, reliable access to live expert advice from anywhere in the world
    • Advanced on-the-job training
    • Earlier transition from classroom to practical work experience