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Pacelab Mission Suite

The one-stop solution for route and aircraft economic analysis

Where to fly and what to fly are the most critical decisions an airline has to make. When comparing the performance of different aircraft or assessing the economic viability of route network extensions or modifications, it is essential to maintain a global perspective and a level playing field – no mean feat in the scattered landscape of legacy applications, in-house developments and office software typically available in aircraft marketing or fleet planning departments.

Pacelab Mission Suite is the only commercially available analysis tool which brings together aircraft definition, aircraft performance and cost investigations in a single environment and delivers reliable projections of key metrics such as payload capacity, maximum range and direct operating cost. Excellent runtime performance and the integrated analysis environment ensure fast results even when dealing with large route networks.

How You Can Benefit
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Determine guaranteed aircraft performance on given routes

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Get a full picture of the pros and cons of different aircraft types

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Create an objective, reliable basis for strategic decisions

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Strengthen buying confidence and satisfaction

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Streamline OEM-airline and cross-departmental communication & collaboration

Key Features
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  • Quick aircraft definition and bulk creation of routes and route networks
  • Detailed, graphic-interactive definition of fuel policies and other operational conditions
  • Comprehensive analysis options including payload-range, limiting weights, ETOPS and re-dispatch scenarios
  • In-depth evaluation of airline costs, revenues and profits on specific routes or networks
  • Complex trade-offs of multiple aircraft, routes, runways, and/or economic parameters
  • Definition of detailed ground-rules/assumptions
  • State-of-the-art presentation of analysis results in easy-to-grasp reports, charts, and geographic maps
We've Got You Covered

In conjunction with TXT NEXT, we offer our clients comprehensive solution packages built on our standard off-the-shelf products – a true one-stop shop for your engineering needs.

The service offering includes:

  • Turn-key custom development and functional extensions
  • Software and system integration
  • Data creation and services
  • On-site consultancy
  • Managed services
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