Close-up of aircraft wheels and engine.
Industry Segment
Engine Manufacturers & First-Tier Supplier

The role of first-tier aerospace suppliers is shifting towards a deeper involvement in the aircraft design, manufacture and after-sales support. As risk-sharing partners of the OEMs, they take on more innovation work and up-front capital investment. In a consolidation process that favors sustained technological leadership, many suppliers have also expanded their offering to provide fully integrated solutions which enable them to capture a larger portion of the value-chain profits.

PACE software tools for preliminary design support engine manufacturers, system suppliers and component suppliers in developing and pitching products with high technology content and innovation. Delivering a reliable assessment of product capabilities and their impact at the global aircraft level early in the design process, they support strategic commercial decisions and help mitigate the risks inherent to the integration of complex systems.

Product development & strategy

Wire-frame model of an aircraft wing with engines.

As engine manufacturers and first-tier suppliers take responsibility for the design and integration of entire systems and for the management of lower-tier suppliers, their focus has shifted from a product-centric to a more holistic system-level view.

PACE software products for preliminary design are made to support a holistic approach, which monitors system interdependencies and aircraft-level impact. They build on a generic platform for early-stage product design, which can be flexibly extended with domain-specific functionality and analysis methods. Off-the-shelf solutions are available for preliminary aircraft design and systems architecture design.

Your benefits

  • Explore and understand the design space
  • Multiply the number of design concepts studied
  • Find optimum trade-offs between technical and economic requirements
  • Assess aircraft-level impact early on
  • Integrate and protect your IP assets
  • Support investment decisions regarding development and risk-sharing programs

Technical sales

The ability to predict with accuracy how a component or system will perform in the context of a specific aircraft configuration not only helps technical sales teams decide which product/product option to offer but also enables them to create a stronger, data-based sales pitch.

PACE preliminary aircraft design software supports technical sales teams with a comprehensive set of ready-to-use aircraft models, analysis methods and reporting options. A dedicated tool is available for analyzing aircraft systems architectures, including flight control and environmental control systems, electrical power generation and hydraulic systems.

Your benefits

  • Provide relevant, consistent information from initial contact to purchase decision
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of your product at aircraft level
  • Credibly position your product as the best alternative
  • Capture key points of your sales pitch in payload-range charts, weight reports, 3D views and other documentation
A man in an office environment looking at a computer screen.

Virtual training & operations support

The emergence of virtual and augmented reality-based technologies and wearable computing present significant new opportunities that redefine the way pilots and maintenance technicians are qualified and supported in their day-to-day activities.

Leveraging your existing training materials and know-how, we develop custom software solutions - from CBTs to fully immersive environments - that combine cutting-edge VR/AR technology and training methodology to empower the next generation of aerospace professionals.

Your benefits

  • Lower your costs and safety risks
  • Increase engagement and knowledge retention
  • Boost the capabilities and efficiency of your flight and maintenance crews
  • Establish a continuous feedback loop to improve training and procedures