Close-up of an aircraft engine.
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Aircraft Manufacturers

The competitive stakes for aircraft manufacturers are higher than ever: New market entrants challenge established business models, while environmental regulations and volatile fuel prices are pushing OEMs to develop lighter and more efficient products. But ultimately, economic success will not depend on product innovation alone but also on engaging airlines with excellent customer service and expert support.

With a customer list boasting all leading manufacturers of regional, narrow- and wide-body aircraft, PACE has an extensive track record of supporting business-critical areas with best-in-class software products, from early product design to commercial marketing and after-sales support.

Product development & strategy

Rendering of a futuristic aircraft model.

The pressure to build more efficient aircraft with smaller environmental footprints and lower operating costs is edging manufacturers toward a redesign of core components. But the lack of historical data puts them at a considerable level of risk, not only because of the high capital investment required, but also because of the increased likelihood of technical complications and cost overruns.

PACE software products for preliminary aircraft and systems architecture design help aircraft manufacturers manage that risk by providing reliable assessments of the impact of technological innovations early in the design process.

Your benefits

  • Fully explore and understand the design space
  • Multiply the number of design concepts studied
  • Find optimum trade-offs between technical and economic requirements
  • Create a reliable basis for decisions that rely on large investments and long-term commitments
  • Foster product innovation by relieving engineers from non-creative tasks

    Commercial marketing & sales

    As hard it may sometimes seem to sell highly customized products with long lead cycles – it’s just as hard to buy them! The most successful aircraft sales and marketing teams help airline buyers navigate the configuration and evaluation process and are able to support competitive pitches with transparent, data-based information.

    PACE software products for aircraft configuration and aircraft economics and route analysis enable OEMs to efficiently lead airlines though the buying process and to create a customer experience that inspires purchase confidence and satisfaction.

    Your benefits

    • Create a positive customer experience that stands out against the competition
    • Provide relevant, consistent information from initial contact to purchase decision
    • Credibly position your product as the best alternative
    • Reduce response times to customer requests
    • Minimize number of iterations and shorten sales cycles
    • Capture your pitch in state-of-the-art sales collateral
    A small group of business people paying attention to a presentation.

    Customer engineering

    Collage of a cabin LOPA and a close-up photo of aircraft seats.

    Aircraft customization balances airlines’ operational and brand requirements with manufacturers’ business constraints. In order to achieve key production milestones and ensure on-time aircraft delivery, customer engineers need to guide airlines through the equipment selection process swiftly and with few revisions.

    Aircraft configurator Pacelab Cabin provides a wide range of useful features, from electronic catalogs and compliance checks to high-end 3D renderings, for demonstrating and promoting cabin and other aircraft options, visualizing the impact of modifications and generating commercial and contractual documentation.

    Your benefits

    • Cut lead times and revision cycles
    • Enhance customer experience during definition phase
    • Improve layout quality and ensure FAR/JAR compliance
    • Generate template-based contractual documentation and other customer deliverables
    • Streamline process with seamless integration into downstream configuration management

    Cabin refurbishment & retrofit

    Aircraft manufacturers are in a unique position to claim a substantial share of the booming retrofit market by offering airlines operating their products cabin upgrade services to increase space, comfort or the number of revenue-generating seats and to evolve the interior along with the airline brand.

    Aircraft configurator Pacelab Cabin provides invaluable decision-making support for refurbishment projects. A high degree of automation enables retrofit experts to quickly set up a range of LOPAs to investigate different seating scenarios and to use high-end 3D to bring the upgraded cabin to life for their customers.

    Your benefits

    • Explore a wide range of upgrade alternatives
    • Validate cabin modifications on the fly in customer meetings
    • Ensure technical feasibility and FAR/JAR compliance
    • Present customers with a realistic image of what the future interior will look like
    • Generate engineering drawings and custom reports
    The interior of an aircraft cabin under construction.

    Virtual training & operations support

    The emergence of virtual and augmented reality-based technologies and wearable computing present significant new opportunities that redefine the way pilots and maintenance technicians are qualified and supported in their day-to-day activities.

    Leveraging your existing training materials and know-how, we develop custom software solutions - from CBTs to fully immersive environments - that combine cutting-edge VR/AR technology and training methodology to empower the next generation of aerospace professionals.

    Your benefits

    • Lower your costs and safety risks
    • Increase engagement and knowledge retention
    • Boost the capabilities and efficiency of your flight and maintenance crews
    • Establish a continuous feedback loop to improve training and procedures