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Committed Partnerships

We believe in innovation through collaboration

PACE has a long history of engaging with international industry and research organizations to drive technological innovation and create additional business value for our customers and the wider aerospace and aviation community. Our partners motivate us with their passion and expertise and enable us to achieve more and more quickly than we ever could on our own.

Connected EFB

Providing real-time access to weather and operational data, the "Connected EFB" creates significant opportunities for streamlining airlines’ flight operations. We cooperate with the major providers of aircraft connectivity solutions to build a solid business case for linking electronic flight bags to the aircraft’s avionics data buses. Fuel savings achieved with our EFB tool Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer can deliver a profitable return on the technology investment in just a few months.

To find out more about our Connected Aircraft partner projects, read the press releases below or visit us at one of the upcoming flight operations conferences.

More-electric aircraft

The replacement of hydraulic and pneumatic aircraft systems by electrically-driven ones is a direct path to reducing aircraft weight, fuel consumption and operating costs. While the more-electric aircraft is a mature concept, its natural sequel, the electrification of propulsion systems, is the aerospace industry’s next innovation frontier.

We partner with research institutions and R&D departments to help making the all-electric aircraft a reality. Our software for preliminary aircraft design and systems architecture design support the modeling, sizing and analysis of novel configurations and provide a reliable assessment of the impact of electric architectures at the global aircraft level.

Some of our research projects were presented at international aerospace conferences, so don’t forget to visit our Papers & Publications section.

Mobile and collaborative solutions

With an increasingly mobile and geographically dispersed workforce, portable devices and 24/7 data access are key components of the connected enterprise. Our technology partnerships with cloud service and PLM providers ensure that our users are able to fully leverage their PACE software and have access to up-to-date project data from virtually anywhere.

In addition, the rise of cloud-based processing has added a new functional level to tablet computers and smartphones which enables us to offer mobile spin-offs of our desktop applications. These new, ultra-light solutions are ideal for customer-facing activities and other lean use cases. Cloud computing also encourages us to explore alternative business models which will enable our customers to employ our software as a service (SaaS).

Become a partner

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your proposal and company details – we look forward to hearing from you!